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Beet Kvass was something low on my list to ever try fermenting, again. I tried it rather unsuccessfully several years ago when I began my journey of fermented foods. It was awful, and I am sure I did it “wrong.” The recipe was stored away and remained hidden until a customer recently called in asking, “So I was wondering if you could help me make this stuff taste good?” Taste good. Hmmmmm. Out came the recipe, and scrutinizing ensued. How would you make this taste better, especially if unsure it even worked the first time? I decided to check our Cultures for Health recipe: Beet Kvass After making sure the customer’s procedures were correct, I gave my best suggestions. Then we started corresponding after I decided to give it another shot, so we could compare notes.

It was perfect timing, as I just received not only a larger Fermented Vegetable Master, but the new ceramic weights! I prepared the beets and put them in the FVM, letting them do their thing over the next few days. Such a pretty sight, and I hoped it would taste good too. I had a feeling I was going to use this result as my baseline, and not get discouraged if it didn’t taste ok. I would have to experiment further. After Day 3, I decanted my kvass and tasted it. Although I knew I was successful, I was not impressed with the taste. They were definitely fermented salty beets! I thought some time in the fridge might help, so I let it chill a few days. I tried it again, and found that it was better, but still tasted like fermented salty beets. I found there are things I can try to add, like ginger, to make it taste better…but I’m not sure if I am ready to give it another go. The bottle of kvass is still in my fridge, and I am slowly making my way through it (a shot here and there, and just yesterday I poured a bit into my smoothie).

As for the customer? He was very pleased with the changes he made, and his family no longer had to plug their noses when drinking. I, however, don’t think I’m a beet kvass person. But that’s ok, there’s a whole world of other fermented goodies out there!