So you’ve got fourteen cabbages leftover from the harvest and you’ve already made more sauerkraut than you  care to admit. Or, maybe your local grocer has cabbage on sale for $.20/lb and if you make cabbage rolls one more time your family will revolt. Ditto more sauerkraut. Preserving cabbage by making kraut is an excellent way to keep it for longer without killing it through canning. Also, it’s tastier, at least in my opinion. There are myriad ways in which to make kraut interesting so today I thought I’d share a rundown of some of these ideas. Ya know, in case you’ve either got cabbages coming out your ears, or you simply want something new and interesting on the ferment shelf. There are flavors here that run the gammet from Eastern European to Asian to Latin American. Get out your chef’s knife and cutting board and be inspired! Basic Sauerkraut – Keep it simple with just two ingredients: cabbage and salt. Or, add a starter culture or some caraway seeds if you prefer. Either way, this recipe is dead simple. Garlicky Kraut – If, like me, you think that adding garlic to every dish has never failed you, then try this recipe. You’ll be amazed at what just a little garlic can do for simple kraut. Dill Pickle Sauerkraut – It’s two classic ferments married into one delicious crunchfest. Even if you don’t have cucumbers available, you can still make it with a bit of extra cabbage. Salt-Free Sauerkraut – If you must stay away from salt you can still have your kraut. Salt-free ferments are a bit tricky so do follow the instructions closely. Cortido (Latin American Sauerkraut) – A little onion and Mexican oregano turn regular old kraut into one of our family’s favorite kraut variations.



Southwestern Kraut – Another family favorite, this is the salsa of the kraut family. Perfect on tacos, with beans, or in a big Tex-Mex salad. Golden Kraut – If you’re a fan of turmeric for its health benefits or deep, rich flavor; then this may be the kraut for you. Chlorophyll Kraut – One cannot have too many greens. This herb- and green-rich kraut is crunchy chlorophyll goodness. Simple Kimchi – Traditionally made with napa cabbage, this simple kimchi recipe is just as delicious with green cabbage. Kimchi with Miso – A more traditional and involved recipe, to be sure, but still wonderful using those big heads of green cabbage.