I remember the day the Folding Proofer by Brod & Taylor arrived. It was so hot and humid on this Cape Cod summer day that we lost one of our chickens to heat stroke. At our house the chickens are pets (that feed us breakfast as my daughter likes to say) so not much could cheer me up. While the loss of our “Lily” was traumatic, I was very happy to see the package arrive.  I had been selected to test out this product which admittedly has been on my wish list for quite some time. And it did not disappoint.

I was truly amazed at the size of the Folding Proofer.  It is large enough to comfortably fit nine 1-Qt Ball jars!  I started testing with an easy one, yogurt, specifically the Vegan Yogurt Starter in whole milk (yes, you can use the Vegan Starter with dairy!).  The Proofer performed beautifully.  I have to say, for someone with a large family you can’t beat making yogurt in the Folding Proofer!

A recent experiment came by accident. I thought my favorite sourdough starter (Camaldoli) was about to follow the path of poor Lily. After careful extraction of a few tablespoons of good starter from the bottom of the jar, I gave it a good feeding and pulled out the Folding Proofer to keep it warm.  That starter has never been so active and bubbly! Living in New England, we don’t just struggle with extreme heat and humidity, we also get bone chilling cold. I am forever searching for warm spots for my culturing projects during the winter months.  I’ve made milk kefir on my cable-box, sourdough starter in my oven with the light on, water kefir in my china cabinet with a seedling mat and kombucha nestled into a somewhat warm corner in the living room. The Folding Proofer can be used to keep all these cultures safe and warm. It will even get a valued power outlet on the generator for those New England Blizzard power outages!

The Folding Proofer, with a temperature range between 70° and 120°, it is perfect for both thermophilic and mesophilic cultures.  It can be used to make kefir, kombucha, cheese, tempeh and any other culture that requires a little warmth.  You can also use it to melt chocolate, coconut oil! I haven’t tried it yet but I’m pretty sure you could use it to melt coconut cream too!

My favorite part of this amazing tool?  It folds flat and can fit into a drawer!  Yes, it even fits into my storage-challenged kitchen! Now if they would only make a version that would keep my chickens just as safe and warm no matter what time of year!