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Have A Healthier, Cultured Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving menu is full of family favorites. The foods each family serves year to year become a way to connect to each other and a shared history. While there may be resistance to significant menu changes, there are plenty of ways to add cultured food.


This is perhaps the easiest place to add cultured foods. Nearly any vegetable tastes delicious fermented, and pickled foods are a common addition to appetizer trays. Here are some ideas to start with:


New to fermenting vegetables? Try our Fermented Vegetable Master to get started.


Turkey is, of course, the traditional center of the Thanksgiving table. How about adding some sourdough to the stuffing? Whether tradition calls for a yeast bread stuffing or a cornbread stuffing, making it from scratch gives the option of culturing the flour beforehand. Try our Gluten Free Bread Stuffing or make a basic sourdough loaf, gluten free bread, or Sourdough Sprouted Flour Corn Bread to use in place of commercial bread crumbs.

Browse our complete list of Sourdough Recipes for inspiration.


Mashed potatoes are another classic and can definitely be part of a cultured Thanksgiving. Use cultured butter, sour cream, and cream cheese as the add-ins for perfectly creamy mashed potatoes. For a white potato alternative for the lower carb guests, Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Sour Cream and Cultured Butter is a delicious side. Or bring an alternative to mashed potatoes to the table with Herbed Red Potatoes with Crème Fraîche.

Try our Buttermilk and Sour Cream Starter to make many of these cultured condiments.


Cranberries are traditional at Thanksgiving partially because they are native to North America. As such they fit well within the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Cran-Apple Relish is a sweet way to introduce hesitant family members to cultured fruit. Sweet Potato-Cranberry Relish has a bit more crunch and color. Fermented Apple Cranberry Chutney is pleasantly spicy with complexity, for a memorable meal.

Look for more chutney and relish recipes on our Cultured Vegetable Recipes page.


The perfect ending to the big feast. Whether it’s pumpkin, apple, or berry pie; try making a Sourdough Pie Crust or Gluten-free Sourdough Pie Crust to go with any favorite filling. Don’t forget some Cultured Whipped Cream to top those pies.

Having trouble choosing a sourdough starter? Use our Sourdough Comparison Chart to help you decide.


With so many options, including cultured beverages is easy to do. A good wine or mead is a fine option as one of the oldest cultured beverages available.

For a non-alcoholic option, Water kefir is perfect. It is bubbly, tangy, and fruity and the whole family will enjoy it. There are many options for flavoring to suit everyone’s taste.

Try other familiar cultured beverages for a special treat.

This Thanksgiving, join family and friends together around a table filled with nourishing, cultured food. It will be a Thanksgiving to remember.