rombu dog and kombucha bottles with cultures for health

In this episode of the Cultures for Health podcast our fermentation specialist, Cara, is joined by Rombu Organics owners’ Brya and Roman.

Brya and Roman talk about their journeys into fermentation and how they came to starting and running their awesome fermentation business, Rombu Organics.

Cara talks with Brya and Roman all about kombucha throughout this episode. From tips to problems and from emotions to methods, they talk about all things kombucha.

Kombucha for the First Time

Cara asks the Rombu Organics team about their experiences when trying kombucha for the first time.

They talk on how they either loved it at first sip, or if they had to acquire a taste. Brya and Roman discuss why they started to make kombucha and the things that they did to create batches that are enjoyable for different people.

As Cara, Roman, and Brya all had to start at some point and all similarly got into kombucha early in their journeys, they go over the problems that newer fermenters have when thinking about the time commitment of creating kombucha.

They also discuss the common problems that newer fermenters have when brewing at home and how they can avoid or fix them.

Kombucha Methods

Roman and Brya bring up two of the methods when it comes to making kombucha; batch and continuous.

As they discuss these methods, Cara also gives her input on the advantages and disadvantages of each method and how each method is better for different people.

There are also more things we can do with kombucha, the three go over all of the different ways that kombucha can be used aside from drinking it.

Cara rounds out the episode with her favorite kombucha flavor, Roman and Brya also tell theirs and they all explain the recipes behind these flavors that they favor. 

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