Recipe: Sparkling Rosé (Minus the Alcohol)

Whether it’s a drink with friends, a glass of wine at dinner, or something to relax you after a long day, there’s just something about a cold, sparkly beverage that helps you celebrate or relax. But this recipe is here to prove to you that your after-work drink can make you feel great even without the alcohol!   The beauty of probiotic beverages such water kefir is that they contain both yeast and bacteria. Why is that important? Because the yeast consumes the sugar to produce alcohol, and then the bacteria consumes the alcohol to produce healthy acids and enzymes. This is why there might be a little bit of alcohol, but not nearly enough to intoxicate.   This recipe isn’t difficult, but it takes a little patience and knowing what you like. It’s complete when the flavor is to your liking. You can also make a sparkling "white wine" or sparkling "Lambrusco" just by buying a different color of grape juice.  

Pink grapes

Cheers to good health!    


  • 3.5 cups white grape juice
  • ¼ cup finished water kefir
  • 2 tablespoons red grape juice (optional - for color)


  1. Combine all the ingredients in a container that holds one quart. A quart-sized mason jar or other wide-mouth container works great. Cover with a coffee filter fasted with a rubber band.
  2. Every day or so, check for bubbles. Keeping it in a warm spot and stirring each day speeds things along.
  3. Once your “wine” is bubbling, technically it can be transferred to a flip-top bottle (or several). You could also keep it in the Mason jar with Pickle Pipe or other airlock until it's carbonated (about 2-7 days) If you like your “wine” dry, wait several days to a week or so before transferring to a container with a tight lid. Remember, it’s done fermenting once the sweetness is to your liking
  4. Refrigerate until nice and cold.
  5. Enjoy on the porch, with your friends, or with a fresh seafood pasta dish!