We then decant it into airtight bottles using a glass measuring cup and a funnel. These bottles get loaded up with an organic juice or hunks of fresh fruit like lemons, limes, apples, oranges, or mango. After being sealed up for another 5-7 days it’s usually carbonated and delicious on a hot summer day. We then leave the SCOBY and enough kombucha for the next batch while preparing tea and sugar in smaller jars. After that cools down we add it in with enough water to make up the difference and start all over. I have to wash a couple of quart or half-gallon jars that we prepared the tea in, but that is much easier than wrestling with these big boys in the sink. To bridge the gap between batches, we like the fast-fermenting water kefir. I make it in half-gallon batches these days and from start to fizzy finish it’s about one week’s time. That gives us a little something carbonated and probiotic for when we run out of our beloved kombucha.