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Cultures for Health was founded upon the pursuit of sustainable living and a deeper understanding of traditionally prepared foods that are extremely nourishing. In seeking to achieve a better understanding of the connections between how food is produced and prepared and the benefits it provides, our passion for cultured and fermented foods was born. We found ourselves stocking our pantries with nutrient-rich, gut-loving foods like yogurt, kefir, sourdough, kombucha, and more.

At Cultures for Health, we believe everyone’s life can be improved by adding more homemade probiotics from cultured and fermented foods to their diet. 

Today, the Cultures for Health team includes bakers, brewers, cheesemakers, and more—a group passionate about the benefits of culturing and fermentation. We love homemade cultured and fermented foods and beverages for their healthy goodness, delicious taste, and rewarding DIY experience. There’s nothing quite like fresh-baked sourdough or bubbly kombucha made entirely from scratch.

Our goal is to provide all of the products, information, inspiration, and support you need to become an expert cultured and fermented foods maker yourself. We believe anyone can do it and delight in the outcome!