Each fermentation kit is designed to get easy, consistent results that you'll love. Find the best fermentation kit for your desired new hobby, whether it's a nutritious kefir or a delicious and tangy sourdough, these fermentation starter kits will get you headed in the right direction with our expert fermentation guides to get you over the finish line.

Fermenting Kits Have Everything You Need To Get Started Preserving Your Own Food.

We have the right fermentation kit for whatever you're looking to make! Our vegetable fermentation starter kit contains a fermentation jar and airlock to keep your ferments safe. While our sourdough fermentation kits come in multiple levels from just the basics to everything you need to turn out delicious sourdough.

Cultures for Health offers a variety of fermentation kits, making it easy to start fermenting at home. Each kit contains everything you need to begin culturing, including a culture and fermentation guide. Choose from a cheese-making kit, sourdough starter kit, kombucha kit, and more!

Different Fermentation Kits Are Available To Suit Your Fermentation Needs.

We offer cheese-making kits, sourdough starter kits, kombucha starter kits, kefir starter kits, and yogurt starter kits to help you make delicious and healthy fermented foods at home. Our high-quality starter cultures and expert instructions make it easy to get started. 

Each Fermentation Kit Is An All-In-One Fermentation System.

 Each fermentation kit contains everything you need to get started with that particular type of fermentation. Starter cultures, and recipe guides are all included. From beginners to experts, Cultures for Health has the perfect fermentation kit for you.

Fermentation Kit Common Questions: 

What Are The Different Fermentation Kits We Offer?  

 Our fermentation kits are easy to use and make delicious, healthy food in your kitchen. With a variety of fermentation kits to choose from, we have the perfect kit for you.

 We offer these different fermentation kits:  

Cheese-Making Kits

Sourdough Starter Kits

Kombucha Starter Kits

Yogurt Starter Kits

Kefir Starter Kits

Fermented Vegetable Starter Kits


Why Should I Ferment Food Using A Fermentation Kit? 

 With a Cultures for Health fermentation kit, you have all of the supplies you need to get started fermenting vegetables, fruits, dairy, grains, and more. This way you won’t have to worry about running out to get something you forgot. They also make great gifts! We recommend using a fermentation kit to ensure your ferments are safe and correctly inoculated with probiotic bacteria.


Does a Fermentation Kit  Come With a Fermentation Guide? 

 Yes, our fermentation kit comes with a guide that walks you through the process of fermenting vegetables, fruits, dairy, and more.