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Allie was interesting in trying her hand at making delicious, homemake kombucha. See how it turned out for her!

Join Allie on her kombucha-making journey with the Culture for Health Live Kombucha Starter Kit! As a kombucha enthusiast, Allie was curious about the additives and sugar in store-bought kombucha, so she decided to try making her own with this kit. Watch as she discovers how easy and fun it is to make her own delicious and healthy kombucha. From making the sweet tea, to adding the cultures and the all-important SCOBY, to letting it ferment for a week, Allie takes you through each step of the process. Tune in to see the end result of her week-long experiment and hear her thoughts on this must-try kombucha kit!

Live Black Tea Kombucha Starter Kit

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New to brewing your own Kombucha? No problem! Our starter kit gets you going in the right direction of making delicious kombucha right at home.  Included in the kit is our Live Black Tea Kombucha Starter Culture, which allows you to immediately start brewing your own Kombucha. Also included are our hand-picked ingredients and...

Continuous Kombucha Brewing Jar

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Brew endless kombucha without ever needing to disturb your SCOBY. The Cultures For Health 5-liter Continuous Kombucha Brewing Jar features a specially designed breathable stainless steel mesh top, and a stainless steel spigot that allows you to better preserve your SCOBY for the long term by removing the need to tilt...