What Do You Do With Sourdough Discard


In today’s episode, we welcome Josh Axler, a sourdough baking enthusiast with a passion for baking with sourdough discard.

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Cara has a conversation with Josh Axler about sourdough discard and some ways you can use it.

Most people, by nature, get rid of it and it goes to waste. But, as you will find out by listening, there are many uses for this remnant of sourdough starters

After feeding his sourdough starter, Josh takes his discard and puts it in a separate jar for later.

If it ever overflows, he puts it in his compost! What a great idea. Put those little microbes to use!

The Perfect Time Range For Sourdough Discard

Cara has kept her sourdough discard on the counter for up to a week before it gets a little funky.

Josh recommends that if you’re using discard, keep it refrigerated and it can last for up to about a month. As long as you’re not seeing pink or orange fuzzy mold, you should be good to go!

If you’re not into using as much discard or even baking bread as often, Josh also shares a little secret about how to reduce the amount of discard you have to deal with in the first place. 

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Customizing Your Sourdough Projects

They share a few crazy mistakes and stories about their baking misadventures. Josh mentions some extra tangy brownies that may have had a bit too much discard.

Everyone has their preference with taste, and this is why we love DIY. You can really cater to what your preferences are. 

Cara always recommends: “try, try again!” Make it yours!

Josh is always trying to think of fun, new ways to incorporate his sourdough. He says it’s all about the season and what’s trending. That’s what you can have fun with and apply to sourdough!

Josh Axler has been baking sourdough for 9 years. He has an Instagram filled with beautiful images and recipes mostly revolving around sourdough discard.

You can find his Instagram here: jaxler12 Go check it out for tons of baking inspiration and say hello!