jun kombucha tea

On this episode of the Cultures for Health podcast, Wendy is joined by our expert fermentation artist - Cara.

Together, they discuss all things Jun Kombucha in anticipation of the launch of our brand new Live Jun Kombucha SCOBY! 

Perhaps you have heard the stories and rumblings of a new type of fermented tea that is honey-based and known as Jun tea.

Jun tea is growing more and more popular in the world of fermented beverages and Cultures for Health is excited to announce our upcoming Jun Kombucha product launch.

This probiotic beverage is packed with bacteria, yeasts, and organic acids; much like its sister beverage kombucha tea. Indeed, these two beverages share many attributes.

Many call Jun simply a “Honey-Sweetened Green Tea Kombucha."

Others claim it is a unique strain of culture unto itself. In regards to its origin there is a lot of conflicting information.

Some claim it can be traced back to areas of Asia while others claim it is simply a branch from the kombucha tree.

The very specific origins, however, have yet to be clearly presented.

And just as the origins of the Jun beverage are shrouded in mystery, the debate over the source of the Jun scoby is equally as lively.

Ultimately, it is believed that Jun kombucha was here long before the sugar kombucha most of us know of today.

Jun tea is easy to make, really forgiving if you accidentally ferment it for too long, and it keeps that sweet smell, nectar-like qualities, and restorative advantages of honey.

If you’re already an established kombucha brewer and would like to try brewing Jun by converting a kombucha SCOBY to feed on honey and green tea, the process is almost identical to brewing kombucha, with only a few minor tweaks such as ditching the sugar for honey - which is a good thing - as honey is incredibly complex and provides different tastes based on location, flowers harvested, and time of year.

It also contains a large number of layers to it, including yeasts, acids, vitamins, and cancer prevention agents.

The bottom line is there is a more appealing quality in the flavor, fragrance, and various immune-boosting prospects of honey that are unique, and when used to brew kombucha they are heads-and-shoulders above using traditional sugar. If you’re not yet familiar with all things Jun tea or if you’d just like to learn more, today’s podcast episode with our fermentation expert Cara is sure to fill you in on the details.

Cara is extremely passionate about her work at Cultures for Health and is excited to be introducing Jun tea to you.

Tune in to learn more about Cara’s fermentation background and listen to her tell you what Jun Kombucha is, what makes it so exciting, how it’s different from Kombucha, it’s history and origins, brewing tips, and more.

I can guarantee that she’s sure to turn you on to this exciting new honey brew.

Once you’ve learned a little more about Jun Kombucha you're nearly ready to make it at home.

To help you make sure you have all the supplies you need, Cultures for Health is here to help you with all of your fermentation needs.

With the largest selection of kombucha starters and tools, we have everything you need and more.