Want to give this a shot? Here is my step-by-step process:
  1. I leave a scoby and some kombucha from the last batch in the bottom of the continuous brew jar. I generally shoot for at least 1/8 the total volume.
  2. I brew sugar tea in whatever random jars I have around the house (find the ratios for the sugared tea here). I let it cool completely then add it to the continuous brew jar. I generally leave about 1 ½ inches of head room. My goal is to allow for maximum surface area. I’m impatient at times and a larger surface area means more air contact and a faster brewing process.
  3. Although not strictly necessary, I do sometimes give it a stir with a wooden spoon just to get the starter tea well distributed with the fresh sugar tea.
  4. I cover the jar opening with a tight weave tea towel and a tight rubber band. Fruit flies and ants are sneaky creatures and there are few things more depressing then having them ruin five gallons of kombucha.
  5. I generally let it brew for about 3 weeks. I prefer to remove the vast majority of the sugar but would rather not have a strong vinegar taste. A nice side benefit to the spigot though is that I can easily remove a bit at various points in the process and taste it. This is particularly important when seasons change and the ambient temperature shifts affecting brewing time.
  6. I bottle about 7/8 of the kombucha from the continuous brew jar. I use the spigot to directly fill my flip-top bottles. I also generally discard the new gigantic scoby that formed on the surface and simply retain the smaller scoby I started with. The filled bottles get set aside for consumption over the next few weeks and I start the process again with fresh sugar tea.
So that’s it, super simple and easy. Inspired to start your own continuous brew system? Click here for more information on setting up one for your kombucha. Want to learn more? We have a fantastic kombucha eBook with 130 pages including 27 recipes. If you’re getting started I highly recommend downloading it (it’s free!). Lots of amazing information and ideas for brewing and using kombucha.