As we have grown to love kefir, I have continued to increase the duration of the culturing period for a few reasons. A longer culturing period:
  • Produces a thicker kefir, more akin to yogurt.
  • Produces a nearly lactose-free kefir for those who need it.
  • Produces a larger number of beneficial bacteria.
  • Gives me a day to not have to think about it :).
That said, do consider the kefir grains when you are choosing how long to culture yours. I generally only culture mine for 24 hours simply so that the kefir grains do not run out of food. If you’re just introducing kefir to skeptics, however, I would recommend the shorter culturing time which will produce a thin drinkable kefir great for smoothies. Next time we’ll discuss growing more kefir grains!