Choosing Equipment For Sprouting


Glass Sprouting Jars

Glass jars in a variety of sizes can be used for sprouting garbanzo beans, salad sprouts and grains. A smaller glass jar is useful for sprouting smaller seeds, while a half-gallon or larger jar is better for larger legumes and grains. Wide-mouth jars are easier to work with, though any mouth size will do. Glass jars are convenient sprouting containers, as they can be used both for the soaking and the sprouting steps of the process.

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Some jars are specifically designed for sprouting and come with a mesh lid. Our Glass Sprouting Jars include a plastic mesh screw-on lid and a packet of organic seeds to get you started sprouting. Choose from 2 sizes, for all your sprouting needs:

Sprouting Lids

Many people already have a stock of canning jars at home. In that case, a sprouting lid is the only equipment needed to allow airflow and to drain off water after soaking or rinsing. There are many options for sprouting lids:

  • Mesh Sprouting Lids are quite convenient can be used with any wide-mouth canning jar.
  • Sprouting screens are similar but require the canning ring that is used with the wide-mouth canning jars.
  • Cheesecloth or a loose weave cloth can be fastened to jars using a rubber band or piece of string.


Sprouting sacks are loose-weave bags that work well for larger sprouting seeds. Large legumes in particular, such as garbanzo beans or kidney beans, are easy to sprout in a sack, especially in warm weather. A loose-weave sack allows for plenty of airflow, which may be restricted with large seeds in a smaller jar.

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An alternative to glass jars is a specially designed piece of equipment called a sprouter. Usually made of plastic, these vessels are designed to hold sprouting seeds, allow water to flow through to other compartments holding seeds, and sprout a single container of seeds or several different varieties all at once.

  • The Easy Sprout is a small sprouter that is suitable for small batches of sprouts for the smaller kitchen or those who want to sprout on the move.
  • The Sprout Garden includes 3 stackable trays and covers, so up to 3 different seeds can be sprouted at once. Trays easily come apart for greening.
  • The Kitchen Crop Seed Sprouter includes 4 trays and a unique trickle-down draining system to grow plenty of sprouts all at the same time. This sprouter is ideal for those who enjoy larger amounts of a variety of sprouts.

While each product comes with instructions, at some point you may be inspired to design and build your own personal sprouting tray system. Learn more about How to Sprout Seeds in a Tray and design the perfect set-up!