30 Healthy Gift Ideas: The Perfect Gifts for Healthy People

Do you have a healthy person in your life that you find hard to shop for? It can be difficult to find gifts for healthy people because things like chocolate, candy, and processed snacks are usually out of the question. So what are the appropriate gifts for healthy people?

It will usually change depending on the person because there is no one right definition of “healthy”. Healthy to one person may be hitting the gym at 5:00 am every day while to someone else healthy means prioritizing their mental health through journaling and meditation. The first step to buying healthy gifts is to figure out what type of healthy the person you are buying for is! 

We created a comprehensive list of 25 healthy gifts for those active people in your life from the casual walkers, to the health coaches, to the gym rats, to the meditators and best gifts for cooks and cooking gifts for him. We didn’t leave any healthy gifts ideas stone left unturned! 

jump rope on wood background

AUTUWTWeighted Jump Rope

Never underestimate the abilities of a good jump rope workout. Jump rope workouts alone are great for cardio, but when you add weight to the rope, you’re really getting that heart pumping and making gains.

person wearing ankle weights

Ankle Weights

If this healthy person in your life likes to take walks or runs, get them these ankle weights! This is a great healthy gift for adding some weight training to your cardio workout. 

Wellness Journal

Another great healthy gift is a wellness journal. This will allow them to track their physical fitness and also their mental health journey. Journals also make great healthy gifts for people who are working on their mental health because journaling is relaxing and helps relieve a lot of stress and worry. 

Keto Snack Box

Next up, we have the keto snack box. This comes with 40 individual snacks so they can try them all out and find one they love without breaking their diet. These make great gifts for healthy people, especially those who really like to stick to their strict diet and eat the healthiest foods. 

BlendJet Portable Blender

This portable blender comes in a variety of colors and works like a charm! This is great for busy people who need meals on the go, especially the gym rats. Making food before going to the gym at 5:00 am is probably not how they want to spend their time. With these portable blenders, just fill them up with fruits, veggies and milk, juice, or water the night before. In the morning, it is easy to just grab and go and let it blend while they are on the way to the gym! 

girl using foam roller

Electric Foam Roller

This foam roller offers deep tissue massages while you roll! This will leave your muscles feeling stretched and relaxed. 

kombucha kit

Kombucha Kit

A make-your-own-kombucha kit is a great gift for healthy people! It is simple to do and has lots of health benefits. Kombucha is great for bettering your gut health. It is a tasty way to get all those essential vitamins and good bacteria you need to regulate your gut. Kombucha is completely customizable and can be flavored perfectly to your liking. 

CamelBak ThermoBak Hydration Pack

The hydration pack is a must-have for runners, hikers, and campers. It is comfortable to wear and holds 3 liters of water. Don’t let those healthy people in your life be dehydrated when drinking and carrying water on outdoor adventures can be so easy with this hydration pack. 

Bento Box with food

Bentgo Bento Lunch Box

What’s a healthy meal without an adorable lunch box to go with it? Bento Boxes are made with sustainable products so you can be healthy and reduce your carbon footprint. Bento boxes are perfect healthy gifts for health coaches and nutritionists. 

Gallon Hydrojug

All healthy people know that one of the keys to success is drinking enough water in a day. One of the best (and most valued) healthy gifts you can get for someone is a gallon water bottle to help them stay hydrated.

Muscle Soak

Muscle soaks are used in the bathtub and help the typical aches and pains of an active person’s body. This one from Milk and Honey is eucalyptus-infused, so it not only has amazing healing properties, but it smells delicious. 

Daily Harvest Subscription

Daily Harvest is great for busy people who want to be healthy. There is very little meal prep, so no need to run around the grocery store. They also have a wide variety of healthy, delicious meals. 

Kencko Smoothie Box

Making smoothies is easier than ever with Kencko’s smoothie packets! They are easy to use but add so many vitamins and nutrients to your diet. Did I mention there are 50+ fruits and vegetables in one box of smoothies? 

Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser

Oil diffusing has never been more convenient than with Pura Smart. No need to mess with a bunch of different essential oil bottles when Pura Smart comes with pre-mixed oils that you just attach to your diffuser. These are perfect healthy gifts to help with muscle relaxation, sinus health, and stress relief. Do some research to pair this gift with essential oils that will be beneficial for the lifestyle of the person you are buying for. 

PYFK Running Belt

A running belt is the perfect healthy gift for all the runners in your life. It holds a water bottle and has a zipper pocket for your phone, money, snacks, or anything else they may want to carry!

facial ice roller laying on a glass plate

Facial Ice Roller

Facial ice rollers are great gifts for healthy people because they reduce inflammation and encourage healthy blood circulation, which is important to sustaining an active lifestyle. 

Workout Card Deck

Make working out fun with a workout card deck! These can be used completely without equipment, making it convenient when you are away from home. 

woman using a cooling towel and drinking water

Plazenon Cooling Towels

Instantly cool down with a cooling workout towel. This is a great gift for active people because it cools you down during runs, hikes, and workouts!

vegetable fermenter kit

Vegetable Fermenter

A vegetable fermenter is a great healthy gift because fermented foods greatly improve gut health with probiotics and beneficial bacteria. These good bacterias fight off the bad bacteria in your stomach that make you sick. Fermenting vegetables is also a great way to add extra vitamins and nutrients to your diet, especially vitamin B12 which helps your body turn food into energy. 

Run Comfort Shoe Inserts

Help that runner in your life reduce their foot fatigue with shoe inserts. These are extremely comfortable and make running a breeze. 

Guy hanging out in a portable hammock over a lake


A hammock is a great gift for that outdoorsy person in your life. This is easy to hang up so they can chill out after a long hike! This is also great for those who are bettering their mental health because connecting with nature is the best way to ground yourself and help fight feelings of anxiety. 

JBL Clip Speaker

If the healthy person in your life likes to hike or go camping, the JBL backpack speaker is a great gift. This JBL clip speaker clips easily onto a backpack so you can listen to some good music on a hike, run, walk, or camping trip without having to worry about wire or ear aches from headphones. 

Woman using resistance bands

Rogue Echo Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a safe gift for healthy people. Rogue allows you to pick exactly which bands you would like, to customize your training. 

Blender Bottle Shakers

Blender bottles make shaking up pre-workout smoothies easier and faster. You can never have too many shaker bottles!

The Art of Fermentation Book Cover

The Art of Fermentation

For that healthy person who is getting into fermenting, get the ultimate guide every fermenter needs to go along with their vegetable fermenter. Learn essential processes and concepts of fermentation from an experienced practitioner! This book will teach you to turn all your foods into probiotic and nutrient powerhouses through fermentation! 

Ignite Pre-Workout

Active people love pre-workout supplements, and Ignite is a great choice. It enhances your natural energy and focus without that horrible crash. No dangerous chemicals allowed! 

Mindfulness Cards

If they liked the workout cards, they will love these mindfulness cards. This is an easy way to promote mindfulness and inspiration. These are great healthy gifts for the people in your life who are trying to better their mental health. 

The Wellness Pouch

This wellness pouch is another fantastic gift for healthy people. It comes with everything you need to stay happy and healthy on the go. 

Guy using a massage gun on his leg

Theragun Mini

This Theragun mini gives you an amazing quality deep tissue massage everywhere and anywhere, perfect for sore and cramped muscles.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

If the Theragun Mini isn't your speed, try out this neck and back massager! All you do is throw it around your neck and turn it on. It offers a deep, kneading massage. 

Now, it’s time to get out there and shop for the best gifts for healthy people! Shopping for healthy gifts becomes a lot easier when you understand what type of healthy person you are shopping for. Every person's definition of healthy will be different so their healthy gifts should be as well! The gym rat would love the resistance bands or theragun mini.

The outdoorsy person will love the portable hammock and the clip-on speaker. The mentally healthy people will love the journal and the essential oil diffuser. There are so many different types of healthy, so be sure to find the right gifts for healthy people using our master list of healthy gift ideas!