32 Great Gifts for Men Who Like to Cook

It's no secret that men are difficult to shop for, making us doubt our gift-giving skills. Of course, every man has a different variety of personal interests and hobbies, so you need to browse through several physical stores and online websites to find the most suitable gift. After all, not every guy likes to have sports memorabilia in his bedroom, right?

If you're looking for healthy gifts for guys who like to cook, your decision just got a lot easier. We have compiled a “cooking gifts for him” list that has all the right items to help your guy fire up his kitchen and cook some of his favorite meals.

Take your pick from these 32 cooking gifts for guys to earn your spot as the best gift-giver in their life.

1. Cheese Making Kit - Cultures for Health

cheese making kit

First on our list are the Cheese Making Kits from Cultures for Health. If you're looking for a unique cooking gift for your man, this item will surely challenge him and add a new skill to his list. You can take your pick from the mozzarella, ricotta, Italian cheese, goat cheese, paneer, and queso-making kits, or give him the whole bundle.

2. Snack Subscription - Mouth

We all have a man in our lives who likes to snack on something while cooking their next delicious meal. So if you're looking for a gift for that guy, there's no better pick for him than this Snack Subscription from Mouth. You can pay for the first 12 months of the subscription, so he can get in the cooking mood with healthy snacks for a year.

3. Pizza Stone - Sparq Home

Making homemade pizza is an achievement every home cook hopes for. So help your guy make his pizza-making dreams come true with this Pizza Stone from Sparq Home, handcrafted from solid soapstone. This is the perfect luxury item for him to bake a delicious pizza with a crisp, evenly-baked crust. Pizza also makes a great food Christmas gift as it's delicious food everyone can enjoy together!

4. Food Thermometer - ThermoWorks

A food thermometer is a must-have gadget for any cook. Even if your male friend or partner already has one, help him upgrade to a newer, better, and quicker one with this Food Thermometer from Thermoworks. When we say quick, we mean it provides readings in less than one second.

5. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup - Runamok Maple

Average maple syrup is pretty good, but you'll seriously take his pancakes to the next level with this Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup from Runamok Maple. $18 may seem a lot for a bottle of maple syrup, but trust us; the bourbon kick is worth the investment.

6. Kombucha Starter Kit - Cultures for Health

You can also make your man’s day with this Kombucha Scoby from Cultures for Health. It includes Kombucha Tea Starter Culture, organic cane sugar, distilled white vinegar, black tea bags, a stick-on thermometer, butter muslin jar cover, and pH strips. Thanks to you, he'll have everything he needs for his next brewing adventure.

7. Cutting Board - Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

We're sure you're thinking, "But he already has a cutting board." Well, this End Grain Walnut Butcher Block from Brooklyn Butcher Blocks isn’t just any cutting board—it’s a self-cleaning and knife-sharpening one. Aside from looking pretty cool on his countertop, this cutting board resists bacteria with the self-cleaning properties of end grain, making it a major upgrade from most regular cutting boards.

8. Cast Iron Grill Pan - Staub

We all know there's no better way to win over a cook's heart than with a premium cast iron pan. This Cast Iron Grill Pan from Staub is undoubtedly the pan of a cook’s dreams regarding performance, durability, and style. Plus, it features traces of quartz to provide a rougher surface for better browning.

9. Pizza Oven - Ooni Koda

If you want to help take a guy’s pizza-making skills up a notch, opt for a pizza oven. This Pizza Oven from Ooni Koda will help him achieve the taste of wood-fired pizza, and he'll only have you to thank for it. This outdoor oven is highly modern and takes up minimal space in his backyard.

10. Home Cooked Cookbook - Anya Ferald

Cooking his grandmother's recipes will warm a guy’s heart from time to time, but he might also be searching for new and unique ways to sharpen his kitchen skills. So help him do that by gifting him the Home Cooked Cookbook by Anya Ferald, featuring cool recipes like Red Pepper & Walnut Crema, Green Tomato & Caper Salad, and Chickpea Torte.

11. Texan + Stand Electric Grill - Kenyon

If he likes to cook, then he loves to grill. This Texan + Stand Electric Grill from Kenyon will have him smiling for weeks due to its ability to cook with two 1500-Watt elements, producing minimal smoke. Bonus: it features built-in storage to tuck away grilling utensils for ease of use.

12. Hair Bender Salt - Jacobsen X Stumptown

Take a break from the typical cooking gifts and do something different by gifting your burgeoning chef a jar of flavored salt. This Hair Bender Salt from Jacobsen X Stumptown is deliciously infused with coffee to serve as the perfect rub for meat or topping for sweet baked goods. Trust us when we say he'll love it.

13. Grill Prep Trays - Williams Sonoma

If the man in your life already has everything he needs for the perfect barbecue, complete his collection with these Grill Prep Trays from Williams Sonoma. Undoubtedly, he will enjoy the versatility, durability, and challenge of these unique grill prep trays, and their shatter-resistant melamine is just A1 on the steak.

14. Enameled Antler Trivet - Lodge Cast Iron

Cooking gifts that add functionality to his kitchen will impress him, but gifts that add safety will make his day. This Enameled Antler Trivet from Lodge Cast Iron will expertly protect his tables and countertops from hot dishes. Plus, this stylish metal ring can be hung up for display when not in use.

15. Panini Press Grill - Yabano

Sure, your boy likes to make intricate meals that require fun prep, but who doesn't love a quick sandwich for lunch? Help him maintain the quality of his favorite sandwiches while saving time with this premium Panini Press Grill from Yabano. It's the perfect fit in his kitchen for added functionality.

16. Grill Master Crate - Man Crates

The grill master in your life will undoubtedly appreciate a cooking challenge when it comes to gifts. This Grill Master Crate from Man Crates will help a guy live out his professional chef dreams with all the equipment he needs for a mouth-watering barbecue. Each kit includes two types of barbecue sauce, a dry rub, brass knuckle meat tenderizer, wood chips, a smoker box, and a set of meat thermometers.

17. Porter Road Gift Card

Another great gift for the grill master in your life is a Porter Road Gift Card. This gift is simple, straightforward, and gets the job done, while putting a smile on his face. Introduce him to the world of Porter Road so he can buy any cut of meat he wants from this premium meat heaven.

18. Apron Tool Kit - Sur La Table

apron tool kit

If he doesn't already have an apron, this is the perfect time to get him one. This Apron Tool Kit from Sur La Table is the epitome of convenience as it features two pockets big enough to accommodate all his go-to utensils. Yes, it comes with the tools.

19. Simple Steel Bread Box - Yamakazi Home

Clunky wooden bread boxes are a thing of the past. Instead, help him upgrade his kitchen's aesthetic and preserve his bread for longer with this Simple Steel Bread Box from Yamakazi Home. Since it features a magnetic closure, he can keep his bread fresh for much longer than with a traditional bread box.

20. Yogurt Starter - Cultures for Health

yogurt starter kit

Another way to challenge a cooking -enthusiast guy is with a unique cooking gift like this Yogurt Starter from Cultures for Health. You can take your pick from the vegan, flavored, and other options available, so he'll be able to create the gift of homemade yogurt for his friends and family.            

21. Nomad 6-quart Traveling Slow Cooker - Presto

If you know a guy who likes to cook for road trips, picnics, camping trips, and backyard tailgates, here's the perfect gift for him. This Nomad 6-quart Traveling Slow Cooker from Presto looks like a portable cooler, but it does exactly the opposite, keeping his delicious dish warm for much longer.

22. Bacon Gift Set - Stonewall Kitchen

If you want to give him a gift that no one else would think of, this Bacon Gift Set from Stonewall Kitchen is all you're looking for. The set contains Maple Bacon Aioli, Maple Bacon Onion Jam, and Boozy Bacon Barbecue Sauce. So whether he adds it to his sandwich or serves it with grilled meat, he'll be thanking you for it.

Can also try making our tempeh bacon recipe at your home.

23. Digital Toaster Oven with Air Frying - Cuisinart

If you're looking for a foolproof gift that he can't help but love, look no further than the Digital Toaster Oven with Air Frying from Cuisinart. Not only is it the sleekest addition to his countertop, but it also comes with a large digital display and intuitive programming options.

24. Portable Barbecue - Groovebox Living

Even if he already owns a bigger barbecue grill, a portable barbecue powerhouse will be a game-changer for him. With this Portable Barbecue fromGroovebox Living, he'll be able to show off his expert grilling skills at camping trips, picnics, and backyard tailgates.

25. Apron - Hedley and Bennett

If you need a simplistic alternative to the previous apron option, this apron from Hedley and Bennet is all you need. It's affordable, stylish, and protective; what more could he need in an apron?

26. Wüsthof Classic Ikon Chef’s Knife - Sur La Table

There's no cooking gift he will appreciate more than a premium chef's knife that amps up his chopping skills. The Wüsthof Classic Ikon Chef's Knife and Sur La Table is undoubtedly everything he's been dreaming of, made from extremely strong high-carbon steel and an exceptionally sharp edge.

27. 9" Tongs With Silicone Heads - Oxo

Every cooking-lover already has a pair of tongs, but these 9" Tongs With Silicone Heads from Oxo are real game-changers. Your man will be thrilled when he finds he no longer has to worry about scratching his non-stick pots with steel tongs.

28. All-Purpose Pantry Towels - Williams Sonoma

When it comes to cooking gifts he actually needs, kitchen towels are always at the top of the list. So whether it's wiping up small spills or handling hot pans, these All-Purpose Pantry Towels from Williams Sonoma will come in handy more often than you think, and he'll think of you every time he uses them.

29. Manual Upcycled Wooden Pepper Mill - Peugeot Saveurs

Admittedly, pepper mills are more often used as decorative pieces than for functionality. But, these Manual Upcycled Wooden Pepper Mill from Peugeot Saveurs are the perfect combination of both. Aside from being a sculpted work of art, this pepper mill grinds each peppercorn expertly.

30. Slotted Fish Turner - Swiss Army

This Slotted Fish Turner from Swiss Army makes for the perfect cooking gift for a guy looking to complete his utensil set. Made from high-carbon stainless steel and sustainably sourced wood, this spatula is the epitome of durability and class.

31. 10" Stainless Steel Earth Pan - Ozeri

Every cook needs a non-stick pan in their kitchen, and you can be the one who gifts him this essential. This 10" Stainless Steel Earth Pan from Ozeri is the perfect fit, featuring the world's longest-lasting 100% PFOA and APEO-free non-stick coating.

32. Sonos Roam - Sonos

Lastly, the best way you can perfect your guy’s cooking sessions is by making sure he gets to groove to his favorite tunes while firing up the stove. The Sonos Roam is the perfect speaker to help him experience space-defying sound throughout his home and kitchen.

Spice Up His Kitchen With These Awesome Gifts For Guys Who Love to Cook

If you need to buy gifts for men who like to cook, buying essentials that add value to their cooking adventures are the best way to make their day. Take inspiration from our list of 32 cooking gifts for men and win his heart on his birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other special day.

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