Recipe: Instant Pot Mild and Traditional Flavor Yogurt

If you're like many busy people, you'll agree that the Instant Pot is a game changer in the kitchen. With a touch of a button, dinner is on the table!   The best thing about making yogurt in your Instant Pot is that it can pasteurize the milk and also incubate it, meaning fewer dishes and an easy process!    


  • 1-2 quarts Pasteurized or raw milk (not ultra-pasteurized)
  • 1 packet Mild or Traditional Flavor Yogurt Starter


  1. Pour 1-2 quarts of milk into your Instant Pot.
  2. Turn the valve to the “pressure” setting.
  3. Hit the “YOGURT” button until it says “BOIL” and wait until the boil phase is complete.
  4. Release the pressure valve (either quick or natural release is ok).
  5. Open the Instant Pot.
  6. Cool your milk to 115 degrees (life hack - stir the milk with a frozen water bottle to expedite the process)
  7. Add 1 yogurt packet into the yogurt maker and stir thoroughly.
  8. Hit the “YOGURT” button again until it says 8 hours.
  9. Check frequently between hours 5 & 8 by tilting the pot gently. Once the yogurt moves away from the side of the pot in one mass instead of running up the side, it is finished culturing.
  10. Once the yogurt has set, cover it and allow it to cool for 2 hours at room temperature to help it set.
  11. After 2 hours, transfer to a different container if desired and refrigerate the yogurt for at least 6 hours before consuming for the best set.