Recipe: Apple-Cinnamon Kombucha

Reminiscent of sparkling apple cider, this apple-cinnamon kombucha will be your new favorite fall beverage. Tangy, slightly sweet, spicy, and bubbly, this flavored kombucha is worth the wait. Using whole fruits instead of store-bought juice for the 2nd fermentation is less expensive, more accessible, and simple since you can just use whatever fruit you happen to have lying around. Try it poured over ice for an incredibly refreshing summer drink.



  • 1/4 medium apple, diced small or 3 Tbsp. apple juice
  • 1/2 tsp. cinnamon chips
  • Enough kombucha to fill a 16-ounce vessel.


  1. Add the apple or juice and cinnamon chips to a pint-size container.
  2. Fill with kombucha, leaving 1/2-1 inch of headspace.
  3. Cap tightly and culture 3-7 days or desired level of carbonation is reached.
  4. Pour through a strainer into a glass to remove apple chunks and cinnamon chips before consuming.