Naturally Lacto Fermented Salsa Recipe


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Make taco nights extra special and gut-healthy with fermented salsa! Fermented salsa is an amazing and delicious way to use those vegetables from your garden.Fermented vegetables, like the ones used to make salsa, have many benefits that aid in gut health and digestion so you can prevent the typical aches and pains of eating spicy foods.

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Fermented Vegetable Kit

Vegetables Fermented Vegetable Kit

Fermented Vegetable Kit


Make tasty fermented veggies at home with our DIY Fermented Vegetable Kit!

This kit is also great for making kimchi, sauerkraut, and more! Equipment in the kit may appear different than pictured.

Large Ceramic Fermentation Weight

Vegetables Large Ceramic Fermentation Weight

Large Ceramic Fermentation Weight


Weigh down your fermented vegetables using this ceramic fermentation weight. Keeping vegetables weighted under the brine keeps the vegetables from drying out and can help prevent mold.


lacto fermented salsa

We are going to share 2 ways to make your fermented salsa, both are delicious, it’s just a matter of preference! There are 2 ways to finish this salsa…chunky or blended and both have a place in our fridge (and our hearts). We like to use the chunky salsa on avocado toast and find that our blended salsa is just perfect for dipping!

tomatoes and other salsa ingredients

Fermented Salsa Equipment

naturally fermented salsa

    Fermented Salsa Ingredients

    • 1½ tsp (or 8 grams) salt  
    • 2-4 cloves (or 10 grams) of garlic
    • 1 whole (or 150 grams) bell pepper
    • 3 medium (or 1 pound) tomatoes
    • 1 large (or 100 grams) jalapeño
    • 2 limes (or 1 oz) lime juice
    • 1 handful (or 10-15 grams) cilantro
    • 1 medium (or 125 grams) onion
    • Water to cover (for Chips & Dip Method)
    scooping out tomato seeds

    There are two ways for you to make your fermented salsa. If you are going to be using it to top tacos or on your morning avocado toast, check out the chunky topping salsa method.

    jarring fermented salsa

    If you are looking to make a nice, smoother salsa to enjoy with some chips and maybe queso, check out the chips & dip fermented salsa method below.

    ceramic fermentation weights

    Chunky Fermented Tomato Salsa Method:

    • Remove all stems, seeds, and small dice from all your vegetables (bell pepper, tomatoes, onion) and finely chop or microplane your garlic and jalapeno.
    • Combine all ingredients in your jar and mix well. Weigh down your vegetables with ceramic weights and seal the jar with an airlock lid. Both of these objects come in our vegetable fermentation kits!
    • Ferment for 3-7 days at room temperature. If using an airlock, burping your ferment isn't necessary, but if using a regular jar lid, remember to burp your salsa every day or so.
    • When your fermented salsa flavor is to your liking, juice your limes and roughly chop your cilantro.
    • Add the lime juice and cilantro to your salsa and it is ready to enjoy!
    adding cilantro to salsa

      Fermented Salsa Tips & Tricks

      • It's ok if it doesn't look like your mixture is submerged in liquid. Give the salt 24 hours to pull water out of the vegetables; you can top off with water afterwards if you’re still concerned, but it isn’t necessary.
      • Wipe down the inside of the jar before leaving your salsa to ferment so there is no remaining vegetable matter on the walls of the jar. This will help prevent mold and bad bacteria.
      • Make sure to remove the stems and seeds of your vegetables if the salsa will not be blended. Removing the tomato pulp also helps prevent your salsa from being too watery.
      finished fermented salsa recipe

        Chips & Dip Fermented Salsa Method:

        • Cut your vegetables (bell pepper, tomatoes, onion, jalapeno, and garlic) into large chunks, removing stems and seeds.
        • Add vegetables, cilantro, and salt to the jar.
        • Fill with water until all vegetables are submerged and seal the jar. Shake to mix and dissolve the salt.
        • Add your fermentation weights, making sure the weights are holding all vegetables under water.
        • Ferment for 3-7 days at room temperature. If using an airlock, burping your ferment isn't necessary, but if using a regular jar lid, remember to burp your salsa every day or so.
        • When it is done and the flavor is to your liking, drain the brine off the vegetables and save it for later.
        • Add your vegetables to a blender with the lime juice and blend, adding brine till you get the consistency you like.
        • Once blended, it is ready to enjoy! The leftover brine can be used in your next ferment or discarded.
        fermented salsa with chips

          Now that you have all the necessary information, it’s time to make the best fermented tomato salsa recipe! Head over to the Cultures For Health website to get your very own fermented vegetable kit and tips on how to preserve garden vegetables. This salsa tastes so fresh and delicious, that you'll never want to go back to salsa from the store again.

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