In my experience, rye flour creates a superior sourdough starter which can be placed in a sourdough bread kit. Many bakers find this to be true and so keep a rye sourdough starter to use even in wheat baking. There are various theories on why rye works so well as a medium for the sourdough culture, but whatever the case may be I can testify to this personally. This Rye Sourdough Starter is incredibly vigorous, raising breads often much quicker than other starters. Because I prefer to ferment our breads for at least 12-24 hours, I utilized this fact to my advantage. With a 12+ hour fermentation begun right before bed and the higher hydration of the dough, I can then pan the bread whenever I’m ready and it does its final proof in 1-2 hours. This starter makes 100% rye sourdough baking a dream. The entire table of contents can be found at the listing for 100% RYE and don’t forget to check out the Rye Sourdough Starter.