Milk kefir does well in a quart-sized jar for us. That’s about what we can consume in one day when we’re all having just a little bit. When I use kefir for making soft cheeses and salad dressings then I like to start a half-gallon jar.


Making large batches of yogurt in half-gallon jars once a week has worked really well for us in the past. I can get four or five of them culturing together – either in a cooler with a heatpad if using a thermophilic culture or right on the counter if using a mesophilic culture. Making large batches of yogurt does require that you plan ahead and have enough starter for all of those half-gallon jars, though. So, that is how I utilize mason jars for culturing. Of course they also work really well for shaking up a quick kombucha or kefir-based salad dressing, storing soft cheeses, and making smaller batches of kombucha too.