The number one mistake people make is not increasing the volume of milk used in culturing once the grains become active. As your grains multiply, they require more food to keep them healthy and to continue their multiplication. Continuing with the original volume of milk with an increased volume of kefir grains can strain the culture and put you at a stand-still with your grain multiplication. According to Bonni, a CFH Customer Service Rep and blog Contributor, it is best to increase the amount of milk incrementally. So, as your kefir grains grow, so should the volume of milk they are culturing. If you read through the directions that come with the kefir grains, you will see that it states that one to two teaspoons of grains are sufficient to culture one quart of milk. Too many grains can create a stronger yeast flavor or undesired physical changes in the kefir. The bottom line: feed your milk kefir grains more milk as they multiply. A couple of teaspoons of grains per quart is a good ratio. That way you’ll have plenty of kefir grains to share or use for different purposes, which we’ll discuss next time.