All winter long we’ve been eating sourdough everything you can imagine. Pancakes are the most popular, but breads, muffins, English muffins, biscuits, and more have all gotten us through the colder months. Pretty soon I’ll probably save that sourdough starter for pancakes and tortillas only and forgo the oven-baked breads. Instead, I like to include more cultured dairy in our diet, when we have access to fresh goat milk. Milk kefir is definitely my favorite for ease, sustainability, and health so we drink it chilled or mixed with flavorings throughout the day. I also like to make cultured dairy dips to go along with the fresh vegetable slices and salads that are also cooling. Through my reading I found that places like India and Africa also relied on cooling foods like lassis – a cooling beverage of cultured dairy cut with water and a pinch of salt, sometimes sweetened, sometimes not. Having come from a cooler climate, I had to learn how to exist in a place like this and to do it healthfully, and of course with our beloved cultures as well.