Besides fresh milk, you’ll need some yogurt culture as well as gelatin. You can use any culture you prefer and notice that they have different attributes, flavors, and consistencies. Whatever you happen to have should work, though be sure to save some culture for future batches since raw milk can fuss with the bacteria present in the culture.

The Results

If you’ve ever attempted raw milk yogurt, then you may know how, um, pourable the stuff can be. Pourable as in the same consistency as milk or kefir on a good day type pourable. Which is why decently thick raw milk yogurt is the prize. And I’m happy to say that this stuff made great yogurt that you actually eat from a bowl! Whenever I make raw milk yogurt – testing this alteration in incubation or that tweak in thickening agent – I keep in mind that smoothies are the worst case scenario. But this stuff pleased all of my big and small yogurt-eaters who are used to Mama’s thick yogurt made from milk heated to 160-180 degrees. So thank you, Domestic Soul, for a raw milk yogurt technique that really works!