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Recipe: Basic Sourdough Bread

This basic sourdough bread recipe is a great one for beginners or those who want a simple sandwich bread for everyday use. This recipe can be used to make a basic loaf of sandwich bread or artisan-style bread.



  1. Mix sourdough starter, flour, and salt together. Use enough water to make bread dough. (A moist dough is preferable to a dry dough.)
  2. Knead dough until it passes the “window pane test”: a small piece of dough will stretch between four fingers without breaking thin enough to allow light to pass through.
  3. Shape the dough into a loaf. Place in a pan or proofing basket, or on a board. Rub a little oil on the top surface of the dough and cover lightly with a towel or plastic wrap. Allow the dough to rise for 4-24 hours. If desired, a short (4-12 hours) proofing period can be used and the dough can be punched down, reshaped, and allowed to rise a second time, but a second proofing period is not required.
  4. Slice an X shape in the top of the loaf with a very sharp knife or razor blade.
  5. Bake at 400°F until the internal temperature reaches 210°F. (Use a meat thermometer inserted into the bottom or side of the loaf.) Bake 30-60 minutes (depending on loaf size). Cool before slicing.


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  • 1 x Butter Muslin

On top of all of that, this kit comes with multiple recipe cards to try other ways to make sourdough bread at home.

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