Depending on your experience with a kombucha SCOBY, there are multiple different kinds to choose from. Here at Cultures for Health, we have three different types of kombucha SCOBYs for sale that you can choose from. In this post, we’ll break down the pros and cons of each kombucha SCOBY to help you to better understand which option is best for you.

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If you're familiar with kombucha, you're probably also familiar with that leathery, pancake-like blob called a SCOBY. The acronym stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. Due to its appearance, it is sometimes referred to as a "mushroom," although it is not technically a mushroom. Rather, it is the mother culture required to make kombucha tea.

Not all kombucha mothers contain the exact same strains of bacteria and yeasts, but they all generally do the same work.


There are many benefits to drinking kombucha but there are even more to making your own kombucha.

Health Benefits of Using a Kombucha SCOBY

The health benefits of kombucha have been talked about a lot. One of the biggest advocates of fermentation, Sandor Katz states that kombucha and other fermented food are a huge part of his healing with his ongoing battle against AIDS. Kombucha has an effect on people that can’t always be measured but it is a probiotic. For reference, probiotics are a combination of live beneficial bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in your body.

Drinking Kombucha can:

  • Help your body digest food.
  • Keep bad bacteria from getting out of control and making you sick.
  • Create vitamins.
  • Help support cells that line your gut to prevent bad bacteria that you may have consumed (through food or drinks) from entering your blood.
  • Break down and absorb medications.

Other Benefits of Using Kombucha SCOBY

The other biggest benefit of using a kombucha SCOBY is the amount of money you will save by making your own kombucha. Think about it like this.

The average cost of a bottle of kombucha is $3. So, if you were to only drink one 16-oz bottle of kombucha every week for a year, your total cost would $207.48. If you were to drink a bottle every day of the year, it would cost you $1,456.35.

How much does it cost to make your own? A lot less. If you include, the kombucha SCOBY, glass jar, fermentation bottles and sugar, and other ingredients you need, your total investment to start using a kombucha SCOBY would be around $40. Once you've started, it would cost you around $27 to make enough kombucha for you to have a 16-oz bottle every day.

$67 < $1,456.35. Obviously, making your own with a kombucha SCOBY is the better deal.

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Live SCOBY. I repeat - live kombucha SCOBY. Just wanted to make sure that sunk in for you because this is a big deal! After months of development and experimentation, Cultures for Health is finally able to send you a live kombucha SCOBY.

In case you didn’t know, a live kombucha SCOBY is 4x faster than the normal dehydrated SCOBY. It's perfect for novice and experienced brewers who want to get started right away and reap all the benefits of kombucha. The live kombucha SCOBY is the easiest option. Instead of waiting a month or more for your SCOBY to be ready, this takes around 7 days if the situation is perfect.

Pros of Live Kombucha SCOBY:

  • 4x quicker than traditional dehydrate kombucha SCOBY
  • Simple for beginners or experienced fermenters
  • Perfect for those with little time
  • Most convenient option
  • Best value

Cons of Live Kombucha SCOBY:

  • Must start brewing as soon as possible
  • Needs refrigeration for storage ideally

New to Using a Kombucha SCOBY?

If you're new to using a kombucha SCOBY, the best option for you is our Live Kombucha SCOBY Starter Kit. This kit has everything you need to start brewing at home now.
Included in this kit:
  • 1 - Live Kombucha SCOBY
  • 1 - Bag of Organic Cane Sugar (1 cup bag)
  • 1 - Bottle of Organic Distilled White Vinegar (8 fl. oz. bottle)
  • 1 - Bag of Organic Black Tea Bags (8 tea bags)
  • 1 - Stick-On Thermometer
  • 1 - Butter Muslin Jar Cover (1 square yard)
  • 1 - Vial of pH strips (vial of 25 strips)
If you're new to brewing and ready to get started, click here to check out our Live Kombucha SCOBY Starter Kit now!


This is perfectly suited for the laid-back brewer. Not in a hurry? Looking to take your time making your kombucha - the dehydrated kombucha SCOBY is perfect for you.

This product is excellent for those new to kombucha brewing and has extra time on their hands. When your dehydrated SCOBY arrives, you do not have to get started right away.

The dehydrated SCOBY takes about a month to rehydrate, and it’s fun to watch the process unfold in your home kitchen.

If you enjoy learning about the process of fermentation, this product is great for you! Or if you like to keep an emergency stash of cultures on hand, dried SCOBYs are a great addition to any larder or canned goods storage.

Pros of Dehydrated Kombucha Scoby:

  • Perfect for long term storage
  • Doesn’t need to be started right away
  • A relatively cheap option for a Kombucha SCOBY
  • Able to see the entire rehydrating process in your kitchen

Cons of Dehydrated Kombucha SCOBY:

  • Takes a Month to Rehydrate
  • Is harder for beginners to use

Our Kombucha Starter Culture comes in a convenient bag with 1 dehydrated kombucha SCOBY or starter culture and 5 pH strips. It also comes with all of the instructions you’ll need in a digital format and included with your bag.

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This option is best for the one-stop shopper. This product is great for the fermenter who likes to get all the goods from one place. Both the live SCOBY and dried SCOBY kits contain everything you need, including a stick-on thermometer and butter muslin to get your first batch going. With the choice of a live or dried kit, you choose the pace you want to go.

Pros of Kombucha SCOBY Kits

  • All in one kit
  • Has everything you need to get started

Cons of Kombucha SCOBY Kits

  • Premium price tag
  • Can be hard to maintain everything


Well, now it's time to start making your own kombucha. Cultures for Health is your number 1 stop for all things kombucha. Whether you decided to check out our dehydrated SCOBY or the amazing live SCOBY, we have everything you need. Starter cultures, all in one kits, tools, books - we have it all.
Our live kombucha SCOBY takes all of the pain out of making kombucha. Just get it and start brewing immediately. No waiting around for a month for it to rehydrate.
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