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milk kefir vs. water kefir

In today’s Cultures For Health podcast episode, we are going to be comparing and contrasting the two types of kefir and probiotic powerhouses: water kefir and milk kefir.

Ready to start making kefir at home?

If you tuned in to our podcast last time, you will recall that our discussion was all about the traditional probiotic beverage milk kefir. I explained what it is, what it tastes and looks like, its renowned health properties, its long history, what you can make with it, and how to make it yourself at home.

If you happened to miss that podcast, I highly suggest you pause this podcast and give it a listen first, or be sure to listen to it after today’s conversation.

In today’s podcast, we are continuing to discuss the properties and health benefits of milk kefir, but I will also be introducing you to the dairy-free and vegan-friendly option known as water kefir.

Both milk kefir and water kefir are cultured and fermented beverages high in nutrients and probiotics, and both are equally delicious, easy to make, and have many health benefits.

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Yet although they have a lot of similarities, they also have a lot of differences as well and these differences will be important for you to keep in mind for the next time you may find yourself deciding between the two beverages. (Of course, we here at Cultures for Health are equal fans of both water kefir and milk kefir and suggest you enjoy both often!)

So without further adieu, listen on to learn more details about the two probiotic powerhouses water kefir and milk kefir.

Learn more about how each is made, how they work to deliver you a healthy dose of probiotics and nutrients, what they look and taste like, how they can be used, how long they each take to ferment, and we will be finishing off the podcast by going into great detail regarding the many amazing health benefits of both.

In the end, I hope you will discover that truly, you can’t go wrong with either one of these drinks!