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On this episode of the Cultures for Health podcast, Wendy is joined by our expert fermentation artist - Cara.

Together, they discuss all things Jun Kombucha in anticipation of the launch of our brand new Live Jun Kombucha SCOBY! 

On this episode of the podcast, we break down milk kefir. The history, the health benefits and how you can start making your own today! Check it out!
In today’s episode, Wendy shares 10 alternative ways to use kombucha that you probably haven’t thought of before.
Did you know that you can influence the flavor of kombucha tea by choosing a different tea, adjusting the fermentation time, or adding flavoring? This podcast breaks down how to flavor your kombucha! 
In this episode, we talk about how to start a kombucha SCOBY hotel and how to maintain your kombucha SCOBYs forever!