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Collection Of Sourdough Muffin Recipes

So you’ve been making beautiful loaves of sourdough bread for quite some time now. They are hot, fresh, tangy, and delicious, right? But you want something a little different; something a little lighter, a little sweeter, a little more hand-held perhaps.

What you’re looking for is some good sourdough muffin recipes. You can use your sourdough starter to make some delicious naturally-leavened muffins with all sorts of flavor combinations.

Serve them up for a snack, for breakfast (alongside a kefir smoothie, of course), or as a sweet treat, smattered with butter and jam. Either way, you’re going to want to get going on these delicious sourdough muffin recipes today.


Sourdough muffins, like any quick bread, are reliant not on yeasts for their rise, but on a chemical reaction between alkaline and acidic ingredients. This chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide which creates the risen, light baked good.

Sourdough muffins therefore rely on the sourdough starter as the acidic element in this chemical reaction. When combined with baking soda, which is alkaline, you will get a light and fluffy muffin.

Some muffins can also be made without the use of baking soda. If you wish to rely solely on your sourdough starter for leavening then you must start the batter 12 hours before you wish to bake so that they have a chance to rise.

You may wish to dabble in making your own variation of the sourdough muffin, depending on what you have on hand. If you’d like a general formula for delicious sourdough muffins then use the basic recipes.  If you are looking for a tried and true sourdough muffin recipe with a variety of different flavors, then try some recipes from the other categories.

Happy Baking!

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