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Recipe: Hard Kefir Cheese

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Kefir is such a versatile cultured food, it can be used to make a variety of other cultured dairy products. Making kefir cheese culture is a good way to use up excess kefir or kefir that has over-cultured and separated. Save the whey from the draining steps and check out the many uses for whey strained from the kefir.

60 minutes

48 minutes



Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Cheese Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Fresh Cheese Making Kit


Our most comprehensive choice, the Fresh Cheese Kit contains two starter cultures and supplies to make five different varieties of soft cheese - feta, cottage cheese, cream cheese, fromage blanc, and traditional quark. Kit contains a Mesophilic Cheese Culture, a Fresh Cheese Culture, calcium chloride, vegetable rennet, cheese salt, butter muslin, a thermometer, and an instruction and recipe booklet.

Packaging and Equipment in the kit may appear different than pictured.

Butter Muslin

Cheese, Kefir, Kombucha, Sourdough, Tempeh & Soy, Vegetables, Yogurt Butter Muslin

Butter Muslin


Butter Muslin is a tightly woven cloth, similar to cheesecloth, used for draining, pressing, and straining soft cheeses, yogurt or milk kefir. Butter muslin cloth also works as a breathable jar cover for all sorts of fermenting applications.

Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

Cheese Cotton Bag for Making Cheese

Cotton Bag for Making Cheese


Just pour cheese curds, yogurt, or anything else you want to strain into this bag and hang it from a cupboard to drain. 12" x 12".

Actual product may differ from the image above.



        Finished Milk Kefir

    1. Pour the milk kefir into the cheesecloth, cotton bag or tight cloth.
    2. Hang above a bowl or jar and drain off whey for 12-24 hours. One the kefir has stopped dripping, wrap the cheese in the cheese cloth or towel and place it in a colander.
    3. Set a plate on top of the cheese and weigh the cheese down using canned foods or something similarly heavy. Start with a minimal amount of weight and continue to increase the weight every few hours until the dripping stops.
    4. Hard kefir cheese is generally crumbly and can be grated like mizithra or similar style cheeses.

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